TIME article: The Trouble with Repeat Cesareans

Check out the article in the current issue of TIME magazine and online!

The Trouble with Repeat Cesareans

There has been a lot of positive feedback as a result of the article, and ICAN has played a major role in collecting the data referenced in the piece.

Volunteers from ICAN called every hospital with a labor and delivery unit in the US and inquired about their VBAC position.  Some, of course, stated that their facility no longer allowed VBACs.  Others stated that VBACs were permitted, but could not provide the names of any providers who were willing to do them.  (They call this a de facto ban)  Of the 69 hospitals in our state, 27 banned VBACs outright, and 13 more had de facto banss.

Not very promising!

We are hopeful that this major media blitz will help more women find ICAN and the power and information that resides from all of the local chapters and the wise women who participate at meetings and online.

And, maybe, just maybe, one birth at a time, things can change.


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