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CDC Data for 2007 Released – Cesarean Rates Continue to Rise

The CDC has just released preliminary birth statistics for 2007, and the cesarean rate in the US has gone up again, for the 11th consecutive year, and is now at 31.8% of all births. The rate in Washington State has risen about half a percentage point from the 2006 numbers to a current 29.0% of all births. New Jersey takes #1 with a 38.3% cesarean rate, up almost an entire percentage point over the previous year. None of this is surprising information, but it does give one pause to wonder just what is going to be an attention-grabbing ENOUGH statistic to effect change in maternity care?


ICAN has issued a press release about this new data as have several other organizations, including Lamaze International


The History of VBACs and Cesareans in the USA

Another fantastic post by The Well Rounded Mama! A History of VBACs and Cesareans in the USA

A must read for anyone trying to figure out how we ended up were we are today, in the land of the VBAC Ban.

I really love what this VBAC mama blogger has to say! And I love that she provides all the evidence to support it! Enjoy!