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VBA2C As Safe As Repeat Cesarean, Research Finds

International Cesarean Awareness Network just called attention to a research study that finds that VBA2C is just as safe as repeat Cesarean surgery.

vbamcbuttonThis could potentially be a big issue, as it is very difficult to find a provider willing to support a woman trying to have a vaginal birth after two (or more) cesareans.   Many of the Seattle ICAN women have searched high and low and run into dead end after dead end, getting very frustrated and discouraged along the way.

A systematic review and meta analysis of the medical research on vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C) found that there is no statistically significant difference in key maternal and infant outcomes between VBA2C and repeat cesarean (RCS).

Follow this link, to read ICAN’s press release and then continue on from there to read the ICAN white papers on Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans.  Use our yahoo group and monthly meetings to share what you learn, if you are on the path to have a VBAMC!