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ICAN Seattle Wants YOUR Birth Story!

Help ICAN Seattle celebrate Cesarean Awareness Month this April by sharing your birth story!

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, and this year ICAN Seattle would like to honor this month by posting your birth story on our ICAN Seattle blog! Our goal is to have one story for every day of the month in April.

What are we looking for? Your cesarean story, your VBAC story, your CBAC, your HBAC, the stories that we all read and learn from, rejoice in or share in the challenge and struggle. Your identifying information can be included or removed, as you feel comfortable. Include a picture if you like.

During the month of April, a new story will appear everyday. Tell us how ICAN helped you before, during or after, what you learned from this experience, some of your proud moments, some of your challenges. Each birth story in unique and needs to be heard and honored.

These stories will unite us as a community of women supportive of birth, informed choice and learning how to birth on our own terms!

Please, take a moment to send along a story that is already written, or take time to write your birth story down, if you have not yet done so. Email your story to ICANSeattle and watch in April as we celebrate and honor the strong and courageous women in our ICAN community!


What Is ICAN?

International Cesarean Awareness Network just released a lovely video on “What Is ICAN?” and we wanted to share it here!

This completely volunteer organization is making an impact every day on women’s lives all around the country!  We see it here in Seattle at our monthly meetings and on our active listserve.  Together, women helping women with information and support, we can change the face of birth.

Watch  this short little video and leave a comment about what ICAN means to you!