ICAN Seattle Facebook Group

ICAN Seattle has an active Facebook Group where many women find support, information and community. This Facebook Group is especially helpful for women who are unable to attend meetings regularly. After you request to join, please look out for a FB message from one of the co-leaders. Your request will be approved only after you respond to our message. Often these messages end up in your “Other” folder in Facebook.

Please join the Yahoo Group and increase your circle of support!


Become an ICAN Subscriber

International Cesarean Awareness Network is a non-profit organization supported by member subscriptions. Every time you choose to support ICAN by becoming a member through our Seattle Chapter, our chapter receives a small portion to use as the chapter leaders see fit to benefit our chapter. In the past, we have used the money to enhance our library, attend local conferences and increase the public’s awareness of our chapter, its mission and goals.

Please consider purchasing an ICAN Subscription now!  Your support means so much!

You can join ICAN through the national website and indicate that your chapter is ICAN SEATTLE.

Benefits of membership include:

•    Quarterly Clarion e-newsletter

•    Discount at ICAN international bookstore

•    Discount to conference

•    Free listing on local & international website (professional subscription only)

•    Helping decrease unnecessary cesarean sections through education

•    Supporting women who are healing from past birth experiences & those who are preparing for

•    Financial support for both ICAN international & ICAN of Seattle

During Cesarean Awareness Month – Save money on every level of membership with special discounts at the above link.

Personal Subscriptions
Supporting (1 year) $30.00
Childbearing (5 year) $125.00
Childbearing (10 year) $250.00
LIfetime Personal $500.00

Professional Subscriptions
Professional (1 year) $60.00
Professional (5 year) $270.00
Professional (Lifetime) $2,000.00


Additionally, you may make an donation to ICAN Seattle, and specify that the money stays locally in our chapter or is donated to ICAN National. We appreciate your generosity.  Locally, we use the money for building our lending library, resources and ICAN presence at local conferences and promotion of ICAN Seattle’s mission.


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