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VBA2C As Safe As Repeat Cesarean, Research Finds

International Cesarean Awareness Network just called attention to a research study that finds that VBA2C is just as safe as repeat Cesarean surgery.

vbamcbuttonThis could potentially be a big issue, as it is very difficult to find a provider willing to support a woman trying to have a vaginal birth after two (or more) cesareans.   Many of the Seattle ICAN women have searched high and low and run into dead end after dead end, getting very frustrated and discouraged along the way.

A systematic review and meta analysis of the medical research on vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C) found that there is no statistically significant difference in key maternal and infant outcomes between VBA2C and repeat cesarean (RCS).

Follow this link, to read ICAN’s press release and then continue on from there to read the ICAN white papers on Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans.  Use our yahoo group and monthly meetings to share what you learn, if you are on the path to have a VBAMC!


Think About Keeping Your Pants On!

I read a great blog post today by a Certified Nurse Midwife about the usefulness (or actually, the possible emotional harm!) of vaginal exams prior to the beginning of labor. I think this is a great read and good information to take to heart, especially for those women who are having a VBAC.

The question I always ask is this…. ‘Will the information gained from THIS vaginal exam change what we are going to do today?’ In your present situation, unless you are considering being induced a vaginal exam is irrelevant. What do I mean irrelevant…it does not change what we are going to do TODAY and things can literally change overnight. Because of this, I encourage you to avoid all vaginal exams until you think you are in labor and are having a labor check or you are preparing for an induction.

Head over to this blog and read the entire article! At your next appointment, think about keeping your pants on! Skip This Routine!

The History of VBACs and Cesareans in the USA

Another fantastic post by The Well Rounded Mama! A History of VBACs and Cesareans in the USA

A must read for anyone trying to figure out how we ended up were we are today, in the land of the VBAC Ban.

I really love what this VBAC mama blogger has to say! And I love that she provides all the evidence to support it! Enjoy!

“Immediately Available”

Please check out this wonderful post by The Well-Rounded Mama, speaking to the VBAC ban by both hospitals and OB practices all around the country! I think she hit the nail right on the head! What do you think?

Check out the comments behind the VBAC Ban data

If you followed the link in a previous post, to the ICAN VBAC Ban database, you could see the VBAC status of all the hospitals in the US, listed by state. Most interesting, is the comments that you can read when you click on a particular hospital. WOW! When a hospital was listed as “allowing” VBACs, the next question was “Do you allow VBAMC?” The responses are listed there.

Another great thing about this database, is that readers can provide updated information and comments on each and every hospital. If you have something to add, please go do it! This will only make this database more accurate and powerful to all women in search of their next VBAC!

The Rest of the Story…follow up to “The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans”

There is yet one more piece to the story that recently ran in TIME Magazine. The author Pamela Paul shared her own VBAC experience and the back of the story in The Huffington Post: Childbirth without Choice . As a result of her personal challenges to have a VBAC in a supposedly VBAC-supportive hospital, Pamela recognized that this was an issue that needed to be addressed. The recent TIME piece has gotten lots of coverage, and lots of people talking. That is a good thing!

More on VBAC Bans nationwide

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the TIME magazine article The Trouble with Repeat Cesareans,  here is a link to the data collected from ICAN on VBAC bans across the country.

ICAN’s 2009 Survey on VBAC Bans

I noticed that one of our local hospitals contained incorrect data (Swedish Medical Center stated allowed, but there are two campuses, and VBACs are not allowed at Ballard) and have emailed ICAN, who will be making the correction shortly.

And, should you be denied a VBAC at your hospital of choice, here is some more information about what you can do!

What you can do if you are denied a VBAC chance